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Album Review: Mr.Kitty – Fragments

Mr.Kitty – Fragments Fragments, the upcoming fifth album from Austin Texas based Mr.Kitty is another densely layered work that is haunting in it’s simplicity yet the gravity of words and sound tends to immerse the listener so completely that time seems to stretch endlessly. The track order seems chosen to transition from what is almost […]

Mr.Kitty – Death/Existence/Life

I have been struggling with this review as I have managed to get three albums and a live show out of this artist in a matter of weeks. I have written the review a few times with different approaches and all to no avail. I suppose the bottom line is that it is excellent and […]

Album Review: Die Krupps – The Machinists of Joy

The new album, The Machinists of Joy is half English, half German and all Die Krupps. Over the span of twelve tracks and about an hour of music The Machinists is as much a blast from the past as it is something new. Risikofaktor, the first single from the album takes the electronic and metal […]

Upward Spiral

I know this band is popular and there’s a million reviews for this but hey, this is my second favorite band of all time and why not? To put this album down for not being angry or aggressive enough is pretty short sighted. We all love to hear that hard energetic sound, but bands should […]

Review: skyla vertex – Blut EP

About a year after the release of their debut album ‘Urwerk’, Skyla Vertex delivers this little piece of electronic Marvel. Greg (Modulate, Reaper) and Alex, are welknown for their inventive way of adding just that littlebit more to the already harsh beats, deep bass and rythmic synths. With the EP blut, they are bringing their seperate […]

Review: Aesthetic Perfection – Antibody

I posted this video on my Facebook page a few weeks ago and was surprised at the negative comments for it. The song itself is a bit stripped down compared to recent outings by Daniel Graves but it’s a perfectly good song in my opinion if not a little silly but that’s part of the […]

Album Review: Diorama – Even the Devil Doesn’t Care

Diorama have returned with their eighth studio album Even the Devil Doesn’t Care and it promises to be another masterpiece of complex melody and driving percussion. Diorama’s particularly beautiful and unique methods of blending electronics and conventional instruments is showcased to great effect here, the overall effect for the first few listens being completely overwhelming. […]

Kiss Me Deadly NYC – 7 Tales of Despair album review

I have just received a copy of this album for review, and listening to the 7 tracks on it, or should I say, the 7 tales of despair, a few words come to mind: dark, memorable, morbid, and last but not least, simply beautiful and captivating. The somnambulant voice of Roslyn Grey paired with August […]

Album Review: Skinny Puppy – Weapon

Review: Skinny Puppy – Weapon Skinny Puppy’s Weapon is probably one of the most anticipated industrial albums of 2013 and now that it’s here it’s time for a review. As a longtime Skinny Puppy fan the last few albums have in my opinion been good but lacked something vital that made them something special. There […]

Album Review: THYX – Below The City

Tonight’s review is the latest release from THYX, I will be reviewing both the Network of Light single and the full album Below the City as the same can be said for both of them. For those that do not know, THYX is the side project of Mind in a Box frontman Stefan Poiss. Click […]