Album Review: Shock Therapy – Live From Hell

Album Review: Shock Therapy – Live From Hell

I got a surprise in the mail this morning. I wandered out to the mailbox around 4AM to check the mail, my box being about a block from the house. I received an anonymously sent package from Germany which contained among other things a new CD from the long defunct band Shock Therapy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Shock Therapy is a band that formed in Michigan in the early 80s and revolved band members throughout their history until the only permanent member passed away in 2008. I am reluctant to label the music as it encompassed a few genres from goth to punk rock and everywhere in between.
Entitled “Live From Hell” I rushed back to my lair to get a listen. Glancing through the track list I prepared myself for what I was assuming would be a low quality bootleg. I was completely unprepared for the onslaught of screaming, expletives, self depreciation and abuse that tore out of the speakers. Raw, visceral, intense and utterly satisfying would be an apt description. This CD caught me completely off guard, the recording quality is fantastic and the music! A wave of nostalgia  pushed me down and I found myself lying with my head on my desk eyes closed, transported away back to another time, I realized I was truly and deeply homesick for the past. The concert wraps up with a song by the Doors and an Iggy Pop cover that are just as explosive as the original tracks before them.

Fair Warning: This recording is not for everybody, possibly not even for casual fans of the band but for the true diehard this is a masterpiece. For newcomers I would recommend getting a few studio recordings under your belt before tackling this because this is an excessive dose to say the least.


Shock Therapy – Live From Hell

01.    Exploration (Live)
02.    The Story Of My Life (Live)
03.    Lucky To Be Alive (Live)
04.    Running (Live)
05.    Self Respect (Live)
06.    Everyone Hates Me (Live)
07.    I Can’t Let Go (Live)
08.    No Fear Of Death (Live)
09.    I Saw You Shine (Live)
10.    Hate Is A 4-Letter Word (Live)
11.    Break On Through (To The Other Side) (The Doors)  (Live)
12.     I Wanna Be Your Dog (Iggy Pop) (Live)