a member of the new york city/long island and l.a. industrial scenes since the very early 90′s. chaosWyrM turned his attention to the goa/psytrance scene in the late 90′s. with an ear for the mind bending magic of those genres and the aesthetic of the dark and aggressive sounds of old school dirty industrial, chaosWyrM  began to spin darkpsy and create his own unique music infused with aspects of psychedelia, dark ambient, and harsh industrial.

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Uncle Touchy’s Naked Puzzle Basement 02 – WarpEye

sometimes the eye stares back. xenomorph – shaari avadon enichkin – twilight zone psykovsky – wishful sinful cpc – nahpoh suria – kizapower azax syndrome – south of hell void – the needle unwashed tomato – no rest for the wicked penta – time warp osom – compos mentis

old magic 001

the first installment of old magic. a show focusing on the more down tempo side of dark electronic music. old magic will feature dark ambient, idm, and rhythmic noise…or anything else that strikes my fancy. the only thing you should expect is a journey through the darkened corners of your mind. enjoy. empusae & shinkiro […]

Uncle Touchy’s Naked Puzzle Basement

this is a full power darkpsy set i did a while ago. i dont know how many of you out there are familiar with darkpsy, so heres a crash course in madness. manibus – virus psykovsky – kuklusklan wizzak twizzak – the mind of a lunatic overdream – common sense fungus funk – noise waveform […]