Noun [fee-tal-i-tee,]
A regression of life in which the organism experiences rebirth.

Age: 23

As a Disc Jockey Fetality hit the Albuquerque electronic music scene in 2007. He began his journey into the electronic scene spinning on a crappy CDJ starter kit. Fetality has exponentially expanded his repertoire and his skill set, enthralled by his thirst for the dark underground genres such as Industrial, Goth, Power Noise, Harsh EBM, Oldschool EBM, Hellectro and Aggrotech. However, his taste and appreciation for music extends to a diverse array of genres and will mix just about anything that satisfies his thirst for atrocious beats. Because of Fetality’s acting background he prefers to dress the part and cater to themed events. In the last few years he has helped revive and restore the scene based out of Albuquerque, NM with the help of local main stays and internationally known record label DSBP Records (Tommy T Rapisardi).

:Local involvements and installations:

Sanctuary Above The Crypt



KGB Klub



:Sponsored by:

DSBP Records



:Managed by:

Wicked Wonderland Empire


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Fetality’s first suspension at Ascension Body Modification

My first suspension was phenomenal. I swung from the tree of life for roughly half an hour and loved every minute of it. I haven’t cackled in public since a few years ago in Illinois on our way back from the United States Social Forum in Detroit with the Black Market Goods crew. I had...