DJ Nemesis is known for her love of stompy music. Her favorite genres are Industrial and Powernoise, but she also spins EBM, Electro, some Synthpop, and a touch of Goth for good measure. Sometimes 80′s alternative and New Wave will make it into the mix for the heck of it. She does her best to give everyone a little something, and will tailor her sets to the night, especially when guesting for someone else.

Starting her DJ life with the first ever Dark Rave at The Chamber in 2002, she has since done gigs not only in Cleveland, but Chicago (including nights with and for Scarylady Sarah as well as the Kinetic crew), San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Dayton, Detroit and Columbus. DJ Nemesis wants to play music that you can’t hear at just any bar or club on any night, or ten times an hour on the radio. What makes the industrial and goth scenes special and interesting is that we step outside the norm.

She has promoted shows and events as well, working with such artists as W.A.S.T.E., END: the DJ, Cesium 137, Cruciform Injection, Ad-ver-sary, Iszoloscope, iVardensphere, November Process, Autovon and The Gothsicles.

Posts by DJNemesis

Gothic Nation Old School vs. New School – 7/11/2014 (Lakewood, OH) Set 2

1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut 3 Teeth – Pearls 2 Swine Revolting Cocks – Stainless Steel Providers Lords of Acid – Sit on Acid Leaether Strip – Coming Up for Air (Ravenous mix) Love and Rockets – So Alive Ministry – Just Like You Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection Joy Division – Love […]

InterCity Industry 7-30-2013

Long overdue episode of InterCity Industry by DJ Nemesis. (The delay was due to being on the Disheveled Tour with Frontal Boundary and Die Sektor.) 1) Snow in China – Mindsucker 2) Women Should Not Drink Alcohol – Behind the DJ Booth 3) Imperative Reaction – Siphon (Continues remix) 4) Ayria – Missed the Mark […]

DJ Nemesis, Defcon Set 2, June 1st, 2013

…and here is set number 2! Aesthetische – Raise the Invisible Skinny Puppy – Assimilate Pzycho Bitch – Big Lover (Sleepwalk remix) Ayria – Friends and Enemies Front 242 – Tyranny (For You) Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach Suicide Commando – Bind, Torture, Kill Alter Der Ruine – Relax and Ride It iVardensphere – Myopic […]

DJ Nemesis, Defcon Set 1, June 1st, 2013

My first set at my guest spot for Defcon in New York City on June 1st, 2013. Aesthetic Perfection – One and Only De/Vision – Rage (album version) Imperative Reaction – Siphon (Continues remix) Go Fight – Fuck Like a Movie Star Modulate vs. Shaun F – Dirty Fckn Disco Terrolokaust – Pointless Frontal Boundary […]

Intercity Industry

Haujobb – Dead Market (Nomeklatur Remix) Aesthetische – Still Life (Ivo Dogna Remix) Frontal Boundary – Mental Illusion (Sympathy Mix) Interface – It Begins Today (Frontal Boundary’s Disillusion Mix) Alter Der Ruine – Brute Ludovico Technique – Dead Inside This is the first installment of InterCity Industry by DJ Nemesis, featuring the new single by […]