I’m a 20 something girl currently based in Oslo, Norway. When I’m not buried in coffee-stained sweaters and books at the university, I’m working as a freelance photographer and as a fitness instructor. After two years at Bilder Nordic School of Photography I discovered that most of my personal work is influenced by- or based upon music. My love for heavy bass and electronic sounds started in the early teens, and has been a big part of my work since, both artistically and at the gym.

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KOMA Festival – Day 3

KOMA day 3! Last day filled with energy and rain. Norwegian summer back on track. Hanne Haugsand stepping in for Komputergirl at “My Game” – Kant Kino

KOMA Festival – Day 2

KOMA Festival – day 2, in pictures

KOMA festival – Day 1

KOMA festival – Day 1 in pictures