Jason The Underpaid DJ

I started this podcast to try and keep my sanity after moving away from Chicago to the Michigan backwoods. I’ve been involved with electronic music for a while as a vocalist for Carbon Haze in the 90′s (yes I’m that old) to tweaking knobs and mangling audio for Chicago outfit Short To Ground, and currently recording as Dead Man’z Kassette for various compilations and remixes, hoping to have a release on Labtoy Music soon.

As far as the podcast goes I have one solid rule: If I like it, it gets played. That’s it. Genres & formats be damned. I’ve had hip-hop, drum-n-bass, alt-rock, punk, metal, industrial, ambient , and whatever else tickles my particular fancy. And I’m always looking out for new stuff to play. Send me your Soundclouds, your Bandcamps, and any other odd noises to invasivespeciesradio@gmail.com, and I’ll shoehorn ‘em in best I can.

Posts by Jason The Underpaid DJ

An Odd Beast

Some more industrial, some new some old, couple side projects and some noisy rock & just plain noise from around here in Michigan. And of course my mic gets buried in the mix again.

ISR: Gettin’ Back On The Bug

Finally got my screwy laptop situation fixed, and traded some older gear for new. Now that I got everything back and working, it’s time to spin some new stuff I picked up recently, some stuff sent to me, and slip one of my own in the playlist. Tracklist: Split Your Infinities – Boards of Canada, […]

ISR: Happy Birthday ‘Murica

Just some sonic musings about the current state of my homeland on it’s political birthday. Tracklist:Intro/Star Spangled Banner – Jimi Hendrix, Om Nia Merican -Saul Williams, God Given (remix) – Nine Inch Nails, Heroin A.D. – Die Warzau, Trouble Hunters – Astronautalis, Sex on the Flag – KMFDM, Stolen Car (B&E mix) – Left Spine […]

ISR: Spring Fever

The latest edition of Invasive Species is just a short mix, rediscovering some tunes while doing some spring cleaning on the hard drive. Track listing: Recoil – Incubus Smashing Pumpkins – Apples + Oranjes Mesh – You’ll Never Understand (Harder) Straylight Run – Existentialism on Prom Night Nine Inch Nails – The Becoming David Bowie […]

Eclectic is just a nice way of saying scatterbrained

Hey all. This is my first mix for the kind people at Dead Audio, and it’s a pretty good example of my A.D.DJ genre hopping style. This is less of a club night out and more of the radio station I always wanted to hear, but never found. This time around, some rock, some industrial, […]