Matt Echo

Matt Echo

I’m a New York native that grew up on 80′s alternative and Latin music. I now enjoy everything from House to Hip Hop and everything in between. My leanings lie in the dark realm of alternative music but I can get down to any beat you throw at me. Currently I float around the underground NYC dark alternative scene DJing wherever I’m needed. On the side I produce Dark Electronic House music and soon I will be joining a new venture. Stay tuned!

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DJ Matt Echo – Sonically Sound

Synthpop/EBM 01. Robots With Rayguns – Love Is A Battlefield (Feat. Patrick Baker) 02. De/Vision – Boy Toy 03. Tesla Boy – 1991 04. Depeche Mode – All That’s Mine 05. Feathers – Land Of The Innocent 06. Tenek – Another Day 07. The M Machine – Promise Me A Rose Garden 08. BT – […]

DJ Matt Echo – Belief Boutique

This is the latest in my line of random mix casts. It’s all Alternative Electronic. No dubstep, not even a little. Enjoy! 01. Deadmau5 Featuring Imogen Heap – Telemiscommunications 02. Tesla Boy – Another Light 03. Inure – All Alone (Extinction Front Remix) 04. Depeche Mode – Alone 05. [Aesthetische] - Blausäure 06. ∆AIMON – Choke (Chrysalide […]

Dead Audio Interviews Blush Response

I took a trip into Manhattan to visit Joey Blush of Blush Response to talk about his latest release Tension Strategies. We talk about his taste in tunes, how he got into everything and what he thinks of various forms of our sub culture and the music within and around it. If you’re a tech...

Matt Echo Invades Mix One

This is a mix I put together based on the styles that currently inspire me as a DJ and Musician. Hope all of you in Dead Audio land enjoy it. 01. 12 Rounds – Me Again 02. How To Destroy Angels – How Long? 03. auto-auto – The Skies Are Your Hunting Ground 04. Slave Republic – Paint […]