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Edminister’s top 5 albums of 2015…

I was hoping for more to post but as far as albums go there were very few that were solid all around this year, a lot of great single tracks but as far as cohesive albums it was pretty much a wasteland. First up are honorable mentions, Beborn Beton released an album after about a […]

Interview with Fall~ composer Maury van Loon

The Beat recently had an opportunity to sit down and get to know Netherlands and UK-based artist Maury van Loon, who is the musical genius behind the project Fall~. I strongly feel that anyone who hears this work will agree it is among the most unique pieces of musical art out there. Among other...

Interview with Rap Sensation Lokii Legion

The Beat recently had an opportunity to get to know an artist who in our opinion is probably the best kept secret that we have come across in the rap/hip hop ranks. Philadelphia-based Lokii Legion is chasing his dream of rap supremacy and isn’t about to let anything stand in his way. Check out...

Inside the Booth: an Indepth look into the world of the Dj with interviews from Djs Ian Fford & Alex Von Nihil

Originally posted here: As you probably guessed, this entry is dedicated to the DJ or Disc Jockey. Technically they are not musicians, however they are a big part of the music industry and club circuits. They can also help further a musical artist’s career by playing...

Interview with Jimmy Gnecco from Ours with tips on touring

Originally posted here: In my last entry this was one the things I didn’t mention about promoting an album, well this and the importance of making a video (mainly because I assumed most bands have videos on you tube of performance and regular MTV style music videos)....

The Cure and Depeche Mode at Austin City Limits festival

So this year’s Austin City Limits festival (ACL) was host to a variety of bands that I could care less about (as usual) but this year both Depeche Mode and The Cure were added to the lineup. Never in my life have I been interested in going to one of these things until this year. […]

Element a440 @ Trash Bar 10/04/13

Going to a concert at times there is the inevitable opening act that every concert goer has to endure. Occasionally the band is pleasant to hear even more so than the main act. Project Independent Tour created by Jeff Totten features this experience. Only difference is the PIT was formed to...

Abstinence & Christian Death Photo Gallery

A great set of photos from the Christian Death and Abstinence show on September 22, 2013

September 20th Velocity Photo Gallery With Better Luck Dead Man and Blut Reaktor

We had a great time at Velocity, so here are some shots of Better Luck Dead Man, Blut Reaktor, DJ Maniak, DJ Liebchen, Alex Von Nihil and Evylla!

Triton Day 3 Photo Gallery

The final day of the whirlwind Triton Fest. We have pics from Matt Echo interviewing Chris from the Dreaming, Evylla interviewing Grendel, Emily Anne interviews the frontman from Life cried.  Along with Live shots from Life Cried, The Dreaming, God Mod and Grendel