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Submission: a new mix by Edminister

It’s been an awful long time since I have made a Dj mix. This one is named Submission, words have so many meanings, this one is actually a submission to Dj Convergence 23 in Dallas this coming spring. As such I am not posting the track list until after the powers that be have made […]

Edminister Dj Set at Convergence XXI Hollywood

Despite a recent life threatening surgery I made it to Convergence in Hollywood this year and Djed while on some high octane painkillers. This is a pretty fair recreation of that set as I am still recovering from surgery and still having to take painkillers unfortunately. I had a killer time and would report more […]

Hiding by Dj Edminister

It’s been some time since my last post. I have been hiding out. A lot of things have happened and it’s kept me from doing more here but I figured now would be as good a time as any to break the silence.Tonight’s mix was recorded in one take on my new mobile set up […]

Dj Edminister: Care Less

It’s been some time since I posted a mix. This is basically what I have been listening to lately. It’s mostly new stuff but I did Dj a few #throwback nights recently so some older tracks are here as well. I must apologize for not keeping these podcasts coming more regularly, a flood in my […]

Dj Edminister live set at Haven 1-11-2014

This is my latest live Dj set at Haven – Elysium in Austin Texas Unfortunately the setup there for recording also records what i am listening to in my headphones so you might hear a few things that seem out of place but not to worry, it’s quick and doesn’t happen often, give it a […]

Dj Edminister – The Soul At Zero

This mix is the result of my mood this evening, it’s got a pulse… sometimes. It does have a selection of new stuff that I am enjoying a lot and a few other things thrown in for ambiance. The Soul at Zero 01. archive – fuck you 02. architect – altitude 03. sweet william – […]

Velvet Punk: In the Dead of Winter

After a long pause, here is another episode of Velvet Punk complete with tunes to keep you warm when mother nature is at her coldest. Deine Lakaien – Fashion, Passion And Pigaches Alienphobie – Plan B Die Laughing – Firedance Lords of the New Church – Dance with Me Mephisto Waltz – Silent Thunder Norma […]

Dj Edminister: The T[ERROR] mix

It was bound to happen sooner or later, the terror banana, harsh ebm, horror-electro or whatever it’s called mix is done. Enjoy! 01. virgins o.r. pigeons – gotta get mad 02. interlace – nemesis 03. retrosic – unleash hell 04. hocico – forgotten tears 05. agonoize – i am 06. virtual embrace – virtual embrace […]

Dj Edminister: Prophecy Limited demo

So I wanted to do this mix named Prophecy and I tried jumping into it this morning without planning it at all. This is the result. It isn’t what I wanted at all but it has it’s own merit so here it is. I will most likely delete it sometime soon so grab it while […]

Dj Edminister: Live Dj set at Haven 9-28-2013

A rainy night at Haven with a crowd that was beyond excellent. Void and the Rabbet threw down too, anyone who decided to pass due to rain missed out, this recording doesn’t do the night justice. The crowd was very vocal. 01. miserylab – people 02. escape with romeo – tears of kali 03. veil […]