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DJ Lordbone’s Electric Industrial Machines 03

The Newest addition to the Electric Industrial Machines live mixes. Combining new songs with some older ones to bring a never ending flow of power to your ears! Playlist: 1.From My Cold Dead Hands by Combichrist 2.Stand Up (Club Mix)by Faderhead 3.Rhythm machine by Komor Kommando 4.Murder Inc. by Sam 5.I came to bring you […]

Dj lordbone live at triton part 1

Now that the Triton festival has ended, I am pleased to share with you, a part of my live set mixed live at Triton Festival day 3. Check back soon for the live set on the pre-party! Tracklist: FabrikC – N.H.N.S (Noisuf-x remix) R.I.P. – Don’t kill yourself Northborne – Trucks 1.1 Memmaker – Death […]

Triton Festival Day 2: Psyclon Nine, Interview By DJ Lordbone

Special thanks to Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine for standing with us, and the fans, in front of the legendary Irving Plaza for our Triton Festival Coverage. Catch Psyclon Nine on Soundcloud, Facebook, or at www.psyclon9.com/

Triton Day 3: God Module, Interview by DJ Lordbone

Special thanks to guest correspondent DJ Lordbone and the members of God Module for sitting with us before their killer set at Triton Festival! To connect with God Module, visit Jasyn’s page at jasyn9.wix.com/god-module

Review: skyla vertex – Blut EP

About a year after the release of their debut album ‘Urwerk’, Skyla Vertex delivers this little piece of electronic Marvel. Greg (Modulate, Reaper) and Alex, are welknown for their inventive way of adding just that littlebit more to the already harsh beats, deep bass and rythmic synths. With the EP blut, they are bringing their seperate […]