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Submission: a new mix by Edminister

It’s been an awful long time since I have made a Dj mix. This one is named Submission, words have so many meanings, this one is actually a submission to Dj Convergence 23 in Dallas this coming spring. As such I am not posting the track list until after the powers that be have made […]

Edminister’s top 5 albums of 2015…

I was hoping for more to post but as far as albums go there were very few that were solid all around this year, a lot of great single tracks but as far as cohesive albums it was pretty much a wasteland. First up are honorable mentions, Beborn Beton released an album after about a […]

Edminister Dj Set at Convergence XXI Hollywood

Despite a recent life threatening surgery I made it to Convergence in Hollywood this year and Djed while on some high octane painkillers. This is a pretty fair recreation of that set as I am still recovering from surgery and still having to take painkillers unfortunately. I had a killer time and would report more […]

Hiding by Dj Edminister

It’s been some time since my last post. I have been hiding out. A lot of things have happened and it’s kept me from doing more here but I figured now would be as good a time as any to break the silence.Tonight’s mix was recorded in one take on my new mobile set up […]

Dj Edminister: Care Less

It’s been some time since I posted a mix. This is basically what I have been listening to lately. It’s mostly new stuff but I did Dj a few #throwback nights recently so some older tracks are here as well. I must apologize for not keeping these podcasts coming more regularly, a flood in my […]

Dj Edminister live set at Haven 1-11-2014

This is my latest live Dj set at Haven – Elysium in Austin Texas Unfortunately the setup there for recording also records what i am listening to in my headphones so you might hear a few things that seem out of place but not to worry, it’s quick and doesn’t happen often, give it a […]

Dj Edminister – The Soul At Zero

This mix is the result of my mood this evening, it’s got a pulse… sometimes. It does have a selection of new stuff that I am enjoying a lot and a few other things thrown in for ambiance. The Soul at Zero 01. archive – fuck you 02. architect – altitude 03. sweet william – […]

Dj Edminister: Synthpop Mix 01

I am still experimenting with new equipment so here is a synthpop based mix. Like, share, comment and most of all, enjoy! 01. ova looven – power windows 02. zynic – dead end 03. cesium 137 – agonist 04. minerve – take me higher 05. sero overdose – for you 06. slave republic – paint […]

Dj Edminister: The T[ERROR] mix

It was bound to happen sooner or later, the terror banana, harsh ebm, horror-electro or whatever it’s called mix is done. Enjoy! 01. virgins o.r. pigeons – gotta get mad 02. interlace – nemesis 03. retrosic – unleash hell 04. hocico – forgotten tears 05. agonoize – i am 06. virtual embrace – virtual embrace […]

The Cure and Depeche Mode at Austin City Limits festival

So this year’s Austin City Limits festival (ACL) was host to a variety of bands that I could care less about (as usual) but this year both Depeche Mode and The Cure were added to the lineup. Never in my life have I been interested in going to one of these things until this year. […]