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Submission: a new mix by Edminister

It’s been an awful long time since I have made a Dj mix. This one is named Submission, words have so many meanings, this one is actually a submission to Dj Convergence 23 in Dallas this coming spring. As such I am not posting the track list until after the powers that be have made […]

Velvet Punk: In the Dead of Winter

After a long pause, here is another episode of Velvet Punk complete with tunes to keep you warm when mother nature is at her coldest. Deine Lakaien – Fashion, Passion And Pigaches Alienphobie – Plan B Die Laughing – Firedance Lords of the New Church – Dance with Me Mephisto Waltz – Silent Thunder Norma […]

Dj Edminister: Live Dj set at Haven 9-28-2013

A rainy night at Haven with a crowd that was beyond excellent. Void and the Rabbet threw down too, anyone who decided to pass due to rain missed out, this recording doesn’t do the night justice. The crowd was very vocal. 01. miserylab – people 02. escape with romeo – tears of kali 03. veil […]

An Odd Beast

Some more industrial, some new some old, couple side projects and some noisy rock & just plain noise from around here in Michigan. And of course my mic gets buried in the mix again.

Abstract vs Kikapu

I came across the Kikapu netlabel many years ago and was immediately taken in by their incredible mixtures of glitch, ambient, and other experimental electronic styles. They shut down in 2008, but then reopened. To celebrate the rebirth, the label’s boss asked me to put together a mix of their old tracks as a bridge […]

Dj Edminister: Declension

So I was listening to some stuff in preparation for this Sunday (Sinister Sunday at Big Bang!) and I just hit record and sort of lost myself in different things. I named it Declension because of the lack of words, my sense of humor is lacking tonight, it’s the best I could come up with. […]

Dj Edminister: Bitter Harvest

The last few weeks here have been pretty much a blur of mental and physical suffering for my family and I. Tonight I put a mix together that may not necessarily express that but it certainly shows what a wreck my mind is. I have not been Djing lately nor really listening to music so […]

Velvet Punk – Velocity: A Call To Arms edition

A very special episode of the Velvet Punk series, including featured artists Jenn Vix and Dirk Ivens and Kiss Me Deadly NYC Switchblade Symphony – Dirty Dog Tragic Black – It Fades Away Genitorturers – Flesh is the Law Violet Stigmata – Parasite Kiss Me Deadly NYC – MCMXIV (1914) William Control – Strangers Voodoo […]

Velvet Punk – eMotion Sickness edition

1. David J – I’ll be your Chauffeur 2. Deine Lakaien – Cupid’s Disease 3. The Shroud – Caged Bird 4. Mary Goes Round – Miss You 5. The Beauty of Gemina – Monsters in Me 6. Rhea’s Obsession – Spiritual Fear 7. Portishead – Machine Gun 8. Otto Dix – Into My Arms (Deine […]

Velvet Punk – Episode Zero

Rumored to be a lost episode recently discovered by archeologists. Upon examination, this podcast was recorded twenty years ago and since then has been a target of various religious and political groups, including PMRC and WBC who wanted the the podcast destroyed. They feared that this podcast had the capacity to corrupt America’s youth. However […]