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Velvet Punk: In the Dead of Winter

After a long pause, here is another episode of Velvet Punk complete with tunes to keep you warm when mother nature is at her coldest. Deine Lakaien – Fashion, Passion And Pigaches Alienphobie – Plan B Die Laughing – Firedance Lords of the New Church – Dance with Me Mephisto Waltz – Silent Thunder Norma […]

Dj Edminister: Bitter Harvest

The last few weeks here have been pretty much a blur of mental and physical suffering for my family and I. Tonight I put a mix together that may not necessarily express that but it certainly shows what a wreck my mind is. I have not been Djing lately nor really listening to music so […]

“Upon the Trail of Corpses” — Velocity 07+05+2013

Alex Von Nihil’s set for Velocity at Delancey 07.05.2013. For those of you who missed the event or this set, you may now enjoy this recording of it from the comfort of your own crypt! Bloody Dead & Sexy – Flies in a Bottle Blood & Roses – Possession Christ vs. Warhol – The End […]

Darkening the Sun – Alex Von Nihil’s Set for Vanity Police EP Release Party 05-12-13

For those of you who missed this amazing night, Alex Von Nihil presents you with a recorded podcast of his set! Enjoy! 1. Miranda Sex Garden – Fly 2. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows – The Conqueror Worm (Edgar Allan Poe) 3. Hungry Lucy – Grave 4. Plastique Noir – Phantom in my […]

Velvet Punk – The Burning Blossoms Edition

The long awaited spring is here. And so here is another collection of songs for you to darken your day. Enjoy! 1. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows – The Inexperienced Spiral Traveler (A Fragment) 2. Miranda Sex Garden – Play 3. Blood & Roses – Spit Upon Your Grave 4. Astrovamps – This […]

Wasteland Serenades – Venomous Vixens (The ladies of rock’n'roll)

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, headbangers and moshers, rockers, and thrashers of all ages. Alex Von Nihil presents his long awaited second episode of Wasteland Serenades. This one is a collection of songs by the most hard-hitting and heaviest female fronted bands of all time. I present to you 20 brutal tracks of heavy metal and […]

Velvet Punk – Carpe Omnia edition

Hello there my pretties. Once again Alex Von Nihil presents you with a collection of songs of pure beauty from the darkest of trenches to help you through your day. Remember, life is beautiful and there is a whole world of virtue to discover. Don’t just seize the day, but tell yourself “Carpe Omnia” — […]